The Courses

Courses for the 2009 paddle in Oriental include three trails - a 4 mile beginner, a 6 mile intermediate and a 9 mile advanced:

Beginner Trail - Up Smith Creek to the entrance to Morris Creek and over to the remains of the train trestle. Back out to Smith Creek and up to Kershaw Road. Back down Kershaw Road to the Boat Ramp. Total: 4 miles

Intermediate Trail – Up Greens Creek to the split (1-1/2 miles) then up Kershaw about a mile before returning to Greens Creek and back to the Boat Ramp. Total: 6 miles

Advanced Trail – Down Smith Creek and under the bridge ito the Neuse River. Follow shore line to Dawson Creek (4-1/2 miles) then return. Total: 9 miles

What You'll See

The backwater creeks of Oriental offer diverse settings that include residential communities as well as untouched natural areas.

Along the shores of these flatwater habitats one can expect to see a variety of wildlife including mammals such as Muscrats, Beaver, White Tail Deer and others. Waterfowl including seagulls, cormorrant, kingfisher, herons, egrets, and several species of ducks. There are songbirds like Pilliated Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Toehees and Wrens.

Also the creeks are areas of longtime human inhabitation. Native Americans fished, hunted, traded and travelled in these creeks and early European settlers plyed these waters as well. There are signs of their passing in the form of pottery shards and the wreckage of their watercraft. Some pre-date the revolution.

In the river it is not uncommon to add to this list a very pleasant suprise - dolphins and even the Bald Eagle. Shorebirds work the banks of the Neuse in search of quick meals, they include willets, sandpipers and on the rare occassion the American Oystercatcher.

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